The Differences Between The NCLEX And The RN To NCLEX

Learning about the difference between the NCLEX and the RN to NCLEX exam (which are similar but not the same) can be a very useful educational tool for anyone who is preparing for either certification. There are many differences in the information that you will need to know before you take one test or the […]

NCLEX Study Tips – How to Become a NCLEX Scholar

Let’s face it, many people would like to be NCLEX Scholar! Not only that, they want to pass the exam so they can finally get that “accomplished” look to their faces and start getting the perks that they desire. The reality is that this cannot be done in just one day of study. You really […]

Take My NCLEX Exam and Become a Doctor

The NCLEX-V is for those who want to be tested for a license to practice as a doctor. You should never take the NCLEX exam if you are not a practicing physician. The NCLEX exam, the NCLEX-V, is for those who want to become doctors, not nurses or doctors. It’s also one of the most […]

NCLEX Fees and Schools Can Be Avoided With a Well Designed Course

Like most people, I have wondered why the colleges have to charge a student a thousand dollars to take the NCLEX. The reason colleges charge these exorbitant fees is because they can. Many of the so-called private colleges do not offer lower priced private online courses like many other colleges. Hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

Take the NCLEX Exam in the Philippines With a Certified Counselor

You can take the NCLEX Exam in the Philippines, with help from qualified counselors. Since you are likely to be reading this article after your trial NCLEX testing session, you are a prospective applicant for the NCLEX examination. You may have completed college classes in the US, but you must know that you have the […]

Learn About the NCLEX Examination Requirements

If you want to study for the NCLEX examination, you will find out that there are some guidelines that you should follow. You must also know that once you pass the NCLEX examination, you can expect to get the recognition and positive feedback from your current employer or client. Below are some tips on how […]

The Basic Requirements For Taking the NCLEX Entrance Exam

Knowing the basic requirements for taking the NCLEX entrance exam is important to anyone wanting to take the exam. All candidates for this test must be at least 18 years old, unless they have been on a study program approved by the National Council Licensure Examination Board. The test is designed to certify that you […]

NCLEX Exams Scores From NCLEX Assessments

You can take your NCLEX Examination scores from the online NCLEX Assessment center. The NCLEX is administered online each year by a third party. Test takers are tested in multiple ways on the test. There are three tests which are often combined together for students to take. Each one of these test types has its […]

Taking Your NCLEX Exam on the Internet

Taking your NCLEX on the internet is as easy as one, two, three… You have to know where to look. Here are some tips to help you find the NCLEX that you need. First, make sure you take it when it’s offered online. One of the main reasons that students fail at taking their exams […]

NCLEX PN Examination App Review

The NCLEX PN Examination App is the newest form of helping you pass the NCLEX. It is an easy to use tool that will help you achieve a better score on the NCLEX examination. This NCE review looks at how well this tool is designed and works. The NCLEX is a tough exam that many […]