How to Prepare For the NCLEX Test Exam Help

All NCLES volunteers who have taken and passed the NCLEX must be very familiar with the rules and procedures governing the NCLES exam application. Taking the test requires much work and preparation, but all volunteers must follow these instructions to be sure they pass the exam and get their scores. The detailed instructions are listed below.

To help the test taker to prepare for the test, he should begin a year in advance and devote time to researching and studying. A one-page guidebook is available to provide information to test takers.

Make sure that the room is properly ventilated and that there is enough light so that the test can be taken without disruption or interruption. When it is time to start taking the test, arrange seating so that the candidate can read as he needs to during the examination.

Take care to take several short breaks during the test and make sure that you stop if your hands become too dry or sweaty. The body gets tired easily.

After taking the exam, take a seat in a quiet place. Concentrate on reading your book or the guidebook or work on something else if necessary.

Do not interrupt any other person while taking the exam. It may be tempting to go to the restroom or use the bathroom. Others may want to discuss what they see on the screen.

After a few minutes of reading, answer all questions, write down answers and follow directions to complete the exam. At this point, read the report to see if there are any mistakes or problems with the answers. Follow the instructions and take notes so that you will not forget them during the test.

Write down your answer and test date in the case that the test is re-scheduled. Test takers are notified when the test is rescheduled. If you do not turn in your test packet or test sheet, the test provider will not be able to give you the test.

Once you have completed the examination, review your answers to find the ones that were incorrect. In order to be eligible to retake the exam, you must complete and send the test within 60 days of the examination date. You cannot retake an exam if you failed the first time.

Be sure to keep copies of your test papers. Take each set to the testing center with you when you take the test. Make sure that you remember how to fill out and send the test.

Note: If you are able to take the test at the testing center and you still receive an error message, check the NCLEX website. If the problem is minor, it may just be the result of a part of the test that you missed, or an area where you found confusing.

Those taking the NCLEX must follow the instructions set forth by the Department of Licensing and Skills Standards to get a passing score. The exam has a limited number of questions so prepare well and study.